Oil & Gas, Hydro

manufacturer of Valve components for cavitation reduction and flow control for the Oil & Gas industry, shipping world wide, Flow control components for Hydro pipelines.

Military Defense System Components

Manufacture of components for missile seeking radar systems, Aircraft Microwave Radar landing systems, Military robotics and Naval defense systems


Manufacture of structural components and Cabin pressure control in commercial Aircraft

High Tension Power Line Tool Components

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We Offer Laser Marking Services!

NCE is now offering Laser part marking as a new service.
With the addision of a new SIC XL-Box-50W Fiber Laser marker
we are now able to offer marking service's as a stand allown service if requested.

Call 802-766-5396 to learn more!



Industrial Tools

Manufacturer of components for repair and installation of High Tension power Lines and substations

Power Generation

Manufacture of various components in steam turbine power generation, and cooling systems for conventional and Nuclear Power generation

Measurement Systems

Manufacture of Load Cell elements for the Aerospace, commercial and Medical industry.